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The Endless Trench(La trinchera infinita)

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Spain, France, Canada · 2019
2h 28m
Director Jose Mari Goenaga
Starring Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta, Vicente Vergara, José Manuel Poga
Genre Drama, History, Thriller

At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Hingio has just been married to Rosa. After escaping capture by the Franco’s soldiers, his Republican ties threaten his safety and require him to be hid in a hole under his house, with Rosa’s help. His hateful neighbor is a constant threat as he grows more isolated while hiding.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Variety by Guy Lodge

The Endless Trench plunges us into a living nightmare with enough atmospheric precision of its own: It needn’t literally spell things out for us.


The Hollywood Reporter by Jonathan Holland

Gripping, intense and often very moving, The Endless Trench pulls together details from some of the jaw-dropping accounts of these lifelong nightmares, recasting the hidden history of a so-called “mole” and of his endlessly suffering wife as a profoundly involving, superbly played story about love as protection from fear.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

This is an intimate epic that alarms as it sprints out of the gate, settles into a lingering tension and even as it is winding down, manages to keep the viewer frightened and on tenterhooks. That’s what living under a fascist regime is like.

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