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Detective Chinatown 2(唐人街探案2)

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China · 2018
Rated R · 2h 1m
Director Chen Sicheng
Starring Baoqiang Wang, Liu Haoran, Xiao Yang, Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Genre Comedy, Mystery

Driven by the desire for the huge reward, Tang Ren (by Wang Baoqiang) tricked Qin Feng (by Liu Haoran) to New York, to attend the World Detective Contest,. Later on, behind the crazy competition, Qin and Tang discovered the real hidden facts of this contest.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Screen International by John Berra

Writer-director Chen Sicheng dials the original’s lewd humor down a notch, but still mines stereotypes for easy laughs with Wang delivering his trademark high pitch comedic star turn.


Variety by Maggie Lee

The sequel’s worst enemy is its lead actor Wang Baoqiang, who dials up his bumbling, bragging and vulgar persona Tang Ren to intolerable levels.


Chicago Tribune by Michael Phillips

This dizzy sequel can’t match any of the first “Detective Chinatown” action highlights, such as the food fight at Bangkok’s floating market. Here’s hoping the third outing, which will take the main characters to Tokyo, returns to the amiable, artful high jinks of the first.


San Francisco Chronicle by Mick LaSalle

The pace is quick, very quick by American standards. The script blasts through reams of plot with lightning dialogue, and even if you have a fast eye for subtitles you may come to the end of the movie with no clear idea what happened.

63 by Nick Allen

Even if it's not that funny, Detective Chinatown 2 proves to be snappy and persistent, complementing its bright color palette and energy with basic goals to alternate between silly, dark and slightly clever.

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