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Midnight University(มหาลัยเที่ยงคืน)

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Thailand, Cambodia · 2016
1h 53m
Director Piyabutr Athisuk, Kritsada Kaniwichaphon, Kanin Kulsumitrawong
Starring Rasri Balenciaga, Maythinee Booranasiri, Boriboon Junreurng, Theerachai Wimolchaireuk
Genre Comedy, Horror

Every university must have mysterious tall tales in the past, where students die before graduating. Someone wants to create a class to help the spirits graduate college. Surprisingly, the class attendants are growing significantly, and no one wants to teach the class. Star, a popular student, Otaku, a nerd and ghost photography enthusiast, as well as students Moo, Meuk, and Kung, and Fay the chubby clown, have to participate in the class. What kind of terror and romp will they have to go through?

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