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The Wild Soccer Bunch 6(Die wilden Kerle - Die Legende lebt)

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Germany · 2016
1h 36m
Director Joachim Masannek
Starring Michael Sommerer, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Rufus Beck
Genre Adventure, Family, Action

To this very day kids believe stories of the Wild Soccer Bunch are the best in the whole world and that’s why Leo, Elias, Finn, Joshua, Oskar and Matze, replay their heroes’ legendary games every spare minute. One day a darkly dressed young man hands them a mysterious map that leads the boys into unknown territory. Here they realise they’re in the middle of the Wild Bunch country and that they have been chosen to be the successors of the real, now grown-up Wild Soccer Bunch. Are they wild enough to succeed?

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