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Fists in the Pocket(I pugni in tasca)

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Italy · 1965
1h 45m
Director Marco Bellocchio
Starring Lou Castel, Paola Pitagora, Marino Masé, Liliana Gerace
Genre Drama

Ale, a disturbed, epileptic young man thinks about murdering members of his family for the supposedly altruistic reason of ridding them of their various health problems and disabilities. As his thoughts slowly become concrete plans, fear looms over the house and the family unravels from the inside out.

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Yasmeen Gaber Profile picture for Yasmeen Gaber

This deeply haunting psychological drama is the pinnacle of Italian filmmakers' critiques on capitalism and the Economic Miracle of post-war Italy. Bellocchio examines the Italian family unit in terms of interpersonal, emotional, and economic relationships in a way that makes one wonder if the traditional Italian family can weather the storm of extreme capitalism. I would recommend this film for someone prepared for misery, but interested in understanding Bellocchio's points of view.

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