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Nine Lives

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France, China, Canada · 2016
Rated PG · 1h 27m
Director Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Malina Weissman, Robbie Amell
Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Family

Tom Brand is a workaholic billionaire whose lifestyle leaves him little time for his family. Needing a present for his daughter's birthday, Brand decides to buy a cat from a mysterious pet store, only to become magically trapped in the animal's body. He is then given an ultimatum: reconnect with your estranged family or spend your life in feline form.

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What are critics saying?


Entertainment Weekly by

Watching these videos of actual cats, all of whom have racked up countless views on YouTube, just serves to underscore how unfunny and neutered Nine Lives actually is.


MTV News by Amy Nicholson

Yes, Nine Lives is dumb. Yes, it’s for very young kids. Yes, Lil Bub has a cameo. And yes, I giggled anyway.


TheWrap by Dave White

In addition to listless direction from Sonnenfeld, and an overall feeling of cheapness and carelessness, Nine Lives also suffers from incoherence.


The New York Times by Neil Genzlinger

The film, derivative (see “The Shaggy Dog” of 2006) and devoid of wit, is about that tiredest of kid-movie clichés, the parent who is too busy for his children and must be taught a lesson.


Variety by Owen Gleiberman

Nine Lives is a lot like a cat: It occasionally bestirs itself, and it would like to be stroked with love, but mostly it just sits there. It’s a pet farce so flat it makes you long for the Lubitsch touch of the “Alvin” comedies.

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