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The Cranes Are Flying(Летят журавли)

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Soviet Union · 1957
1h 37m
Director Mikhail Kalatozov
Starring Tatyana Samoylova, Aleksey Batalov, Vasili Merkuryev, Aleksandr Shvorin
Genre Drama, Romance, War

Veronika and Boris come together in Moscow shortly before World War II and promise to rendezvous before Boris leaves to fight. Boris misses the meeting and is off to the front lines, while Veronika waits patiently, sending letters faithfully. After her house is bombed, Veronika moves in with Boris' family, into the company of a cousin with his own intentions.

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Nina Gallagher Profile picture for Nina Gallagher

One of my favorite films. I would highly recommend this movie to someone who enjoys Joe Wright's films like Atonement, which has a very similar feel to this film.

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