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Gangs of London

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United Kingdom, United States · 2020-2022
2 seasons · Still in production
Rated TV-MA · 1h 0m
Creator Gareth Evans, Matt Flannery
Starring Jasmine Armando, Orli Shuka, Sope Dirisu, Joe Cole
Genre Crime, Drama

Contemporary London is being torn apart by power struggles involving a number of international gangs. When the head of one criminal gang is assassinated, the power vacuum threatens the fragile peace between the other underworld organizations.

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Conner Dejecacion Profile picture for Conner Dejecacion

British crime has always had a bit of a distinct flair compared to American crime. It has an air of refinement, and sophistication. Class. Gangs of London dispels this air with a gunshot to the head. Weaving a complex web of crime family politics and tensions that fracture on generational and racial lines, Gangs of London is a pressure cooker of a show. Created by Gareth Evans of The Raid, Gangs of London plies in brutal violence as much as intrigue. One sequence - almost an entire episode dedicated to one continuous gunfight, is particularly impressive.