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Flora and Son

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· 2023
1h 32m
Director John Carney
Starring Eve Hewson, Orén Kinlan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Amy Huberman
Genre Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance

In an attempt to find a hobby for her rebellious son Max, single mother Flora brings home an abandoned acoustic guitar. When he rejects the gift, Flora decides to start taking online lessons with a man from California, and her new passion for music brings deeper connections with those around her.

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What are critics saying?


Slashfilm by Ben Pearson

Carney has this genre on lock. No other working filmmaker has consistently captured what he's able to with his movies, zeroing in on the way music can bridge emotional distances.


The Guardian by Benjamin Lee

An immensely charming Hewson makes it all seem effortless, though, even as Carney’s manipulative string-pulling threatens to get a bit too forceful, an instinctive and quick-witted actor who drags the film’s sillier, flightier moments back to earth.


The Playlist by Jason Bailey

If we’re being honest, Carney isn’t breaking new ground here, and I keep waiting for him to make a movie that will finally fully exhaust his Whole Thing. But Flora and Son is not that movie.


IndieWire by Kate Erbland

Hewson never sees her as some kind of tarty punchline – neither does Carney, and neither will the audience. You know all that stuff about “strong female characters” who are also “flawed” or “human” or whatever other insane word salad Hollywood is still requiring of its female leads? Here’s a real one.


Variety by Owen Gleiberman

It’s catchy and touching, it weaves the music into the story with a spontaneity that can leave you laughing with pleasure, and it navigates an honest path from despair to belief, which is Carney’s disarmingly sweet calling card.


Vanity Fair by Richard Lawson

Flora and Son played more charming than cloying to me. It’s a nice movie about people who are mostly nice—deep down, anyway.

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