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Feeling It(Sintiéndolo mucho)

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Spain · 2022
2h 0m
Director Fernando León de Aranoa
Starring Joaquín Sabina
Genre Documentary

A portrait of Joaquín Sabina without his bowler hat, made only inches from his skin, with nocturnality and treachery, by his friend, the moviemaker Fernando León de Aranoa. A story like his voice, hoarse, direct and unadorned, narrating with no extenuating circumstances the intimacy of the artist, his behind the scenes, his B side. Which starts when he comes down off the stage, which accompanies him in his everyday life, and in his unexpected moments: in the laughs and in the drama. Sintiéndolo mucho is the result of thirteen years of filming together, and it travels to all of Joaquín Sabina’s stages, public and private, in and out of the spotlight. A walk through the keys of his life and his work: of what moves him, of what inspires him, of what hurts him, always developed on the basis of lively, shared situations between the musician and the moviemaker.

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