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The Bird with the Crystal Plumage(L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo)

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Italy, West Germany · 1970
Rated R · 1h 36m
Director Dario Argento
Starring Tony Musante, Suzy Kendall, Enrico Maria Salerno, Eva Renzi
Genre Horror, Mystery, Thriller

In this film credited with popularizing the giallo subgenre of Italian horror, Sam is an American writer living in Rome with his girlfriend when he bears witness to an attempted murder. He becomes embroiled in the case and begins to conduct his own search for clues. But something is missing…

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What are people saying?

Kelsey Thomas Profile picture for Kelsey Thomas

A fun and suspenseful — if perhaps illogical — giallo with a memorable opening scene and a great twist at the end. But modern viewers (myself included) are more likely to consider this a comedy than a thriller, partially due to the over-the-top acting that, at times, borders on camp.

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