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The Palace(그녀들)

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Korea · 2021
1h 5m
Director Lee Woong-Hee
Starring Kim Sae-ron, Jeong Da-eun, Lee Ha-Young, Seo Eun-Young
Genre History

So-Ssang (Kim Sae-Ron) has been a court lady for the past 14 years. One day, she learns something about Kwon-Min (Seo Eun-Young), who is the concubine of Crown Prince Yi Hyang. Meanwhile, Kwon-Min wants to be the only person loved by Crown Prince Yi Hyang. For that, Kwon-Min needs to oust Crown Prince Yi Hyang’s wife Bong-Sun (Jung Da-Eun). So-Ssang is given a mission by Kwon-Min. Her assignment is to oust Bong-Sun. - AsianWiki

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