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Duet for Cannibals(Duett för kannibaler)

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Sweden · 1969
1h 45m
Director Susan Sontag
Starring Lars Ekborg, Gösta Ekman, Adriana Asti, Agneta Ekmanner
Genre Drama

A university professor and his wife hire a young man to help the professor arrange his papers for publication. The young man comes to live with the couple and leaves his mistress to take the position. The young man discovers very quickly that things are not quite right with the dysfunctional duo. He suspects the wife of trying to poison the professor, who mistreats and degrades his wife by humiliating her in front of the young man. The wife and the young man end up having sex while the professor goes after the young man's mistress. Soon the men swap partners and the blur between reality and fantasy continues in this erotic and confusing feature.

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