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Trickster(Üç Kağıtçı)

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Turkey · 1981
1h 28m
Director Natuk Baytan
Starring Kemal Sunal, Ali Şen, Turgut Özatay, Ülkü Özen
Genre Comedy

After his father's death, Rıfkı (Kemal Sunal) returns from Germany to his village to sell their goods. He is declared a Saint after several incidents. Rıfkı, prays for rain for half an hour and sends down rain. He prays and old single women get married, heals crippled people. Meanwhile, some mercenaries tell him to enter village elections for the Mayor. Another candidate offers bribe to Rıfkı for not entering elections. Rıfkı wins the elections, but in the end people realize his tricks.

We hate to say it, but we can't find anywhere to view this film.

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