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Black Panthers

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France, United States · 1968
Director Agnès Varda
Starring Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Seale, Stokely Carmichael
Genre Documentary

A riveting documentary about the pivotal “Free Huey” rally held in 1968 in Alameda, California. The arrest of Huey Newton, the charismatic young college student who created the Black Panther Party, galvanized support for the Black Panthers throughout the nation and brought a new level of public attention to their cause.

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Nina Gallagher Profile picture for Nina Gallagher

A fascinating and intimate look into the lives, beliefs, and practices of the Black Panthers during their Free Huey rally in 1968. French filmmaker Agnés Varda brings a foreign and somewhat neutral perspective to the party's struggle. Allowing Huey P. Newton's own appeal for freedom on screen, Black Panthers is an unmissable memento of a historic and powerful movement in the United States.

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