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Waiting for Bojangles(En attendant Bojangles)

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France, Belgium · 2022
2h 4m
Director Régis Roinsard
Starring Virginie Efira, Romain Duris, Grégory Gadebois, Éliza Maillot
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Gary, a young boy, lives with his eccentric and free spirited French parents Georges and Camille in Spain. While their collective life is initially one of carefree whimsy, things take a troubling turn as Camille's mental health deteriorates.

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What are critics saying?


The New York Times by Calum Marsh

The infectious brio at the heart of “Bojangles” is a testament to the performances of the ensemble cast, but especially Duris and Efira, whose chemistry is magnetic.

50 by Christy Lemire

For much of its overlong running time, “Waiting for Bojangles” depicts mental illness as an adorable personality quirk, a source of good-time party vibes, even a glamorous quality. Then, once this frothy French romance evolves into a more serious drama, it turns turgid, causing a jarring tonal shift.


Austin Chronicle by Josh Kupecki

Formally, Waiting for Bojangles looks marvelous, with Roinsard artfully weaving through throngs of partygoers placed in vibrant, lived-in spaces and exotic locales, and Virginie Efira continues her run of outstanding performances (see Sibyl, Benedetta), but she is ultimately ill-served by a character and a film that’s removed any gravitas it seeks to instill by paradoxically not being removed enough.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

If you know the song that underscores this romance, know the Jerry Jeff and Sammy Davis Jr. and Nina Simone versions of it, you get what the novelist and the filmmakers were going for here. Reality is melancholy. Imagination and memory are our escape from it.

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