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Mark Lombardi - Death Defying Acts of Art and Conspiracy(Mark Lombardi - Kunst und Konspiration)

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Germany, United States

1h 24m

Director Mareike Wegener
Starring Mark Lombardi, Joe Amrhein, James Harithas, Donald Lombardi
Genre Documentary, Crime
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A film about the American artist Mark Lombardi who created graphic artwork laying out the powers and opaque network of the global elites from the economic and finance sectors, as well as terrorists; and whose masterpieces crossed wires with the FBI after the attacks on September 11th. Lombardi had hung himself one year earlier in his New York studio. Who was this Mark Lombardi, a man whose work was so explosive that even terrorist hunters were using it as research? The film portrays an incredibly brilliant artist who took on the social function of a watchdog by using public information and arranging it to expose the grand illegal practices in the globalized world.


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