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The Wolf and the Lion(Le Loup et le Lion)

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France, Canada · 2021
1h 39m
Director Gilles de Maistre
Starring Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick, Derek Johns
Genre Adventure, Family

Alma, raised in a remote cabin in Canada, returns to her childhood home after her grandfather's death. In the majestic forest, she rescues two cubs-- a wolf and a lion, who form a strong bond with Alma and with each other. When the two animals are taken away from Alma by a forest ranger, they must travel through the dangerous wilderness to reunite with her.

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What are critics saying?


Los Angeles Times by Kimber Myers

Scrolling through internet videos is generally regarded as a waste of time, but watching 100 minutes of cute animals on your phone is preferable to sitting through the laughably bad The Wolf and the Lion.


Austin Chronicle by Richard Whittaker

The Wolf and the Lion is deeply sweet, utterly predictable, and may well send a few unintentionally mixed messages about human relationships with large predators.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

The human stuff is entirely too predictable. And the whole thing is so Disney sweet and cutesey it’ll make your teeth hurt.

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