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Brother's Keeper(Okul Tıraşı)

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Turkey, Romania · 2021
1h 25m
Director Ferit Karahan
Starring Ekin Koç, Mahir İpek, Cansu Fırıncı, Melih Selçuk
Genre Drama

It tells the story of a teenager who is trying to take his friend who is sick at school to the doctor. Students studying at a boarding school have come to be crushed under the pressure and discipline applied at the school. One day, his friend Yusuf, who could not remain indifferent to the illness of one of the students, decides to take him to the doctor. However, he faces a series of obstacles. In order to take his friend to the doctor, Yusuf has to deal with the school bureaucracy, the callous attitude of the administration, the difficult geographical conditions of the place where they live, and many other problems.

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