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Munich: The Edge of War

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United States, United Kingdom · 2022
2h 9m
Director Christian Schwochow
Starring George MacKay, Jannis Niewöhner, Sandra Hüller, Jeremy Irons
Genre Drama, History

It is Autumn 1938 and Europe stands on the brink of war. With the pressure building, two former friends, Hugh Legat, a British civil servant, and Paul von Hartmann, a German diplomat, travel to Munich for emergency negotiations. Can war be averted and, if so, at what cost?

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What are critics saying?


Empire by Ian Freer

An enjoyable World War II spy flick, Munich: The Edge Of War scores with strong performances and filmmaking craft, but is let down by a lack of dramatic heft. A Father’s Day watch in waiting.


Little White Lies by Josh Slater-Williams

Director Christian Schwochow’s staging is unostentatious to the point of coming across as pedestrian, but the film is ultimately engaging thanks to the dilemmas wrestled with by the script.


Time Out by Phil de Semlyen

There’s something deeply moving, almost tragic, about a good man being slowly enveloped by the dark times around him. Munich captures it nicely.


The Telegraph by Robbie Collin

In place of depth, MacKay and Niewöhner invest Legat and Hartmann’s relationship with a watchable if uncomplicated friction, but it’s when the Führer himself first appears, more than half an hour into the film, that things really start to cook.


The Irish Times by Tara Brady

Ironically, the project’s occasional attempts to pass itself off as a political thriller slow the material down. The run time doesn’t help. A worthwhile historical curio, nonetheless.

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