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Spain, France, Argentina · 2020
1h 32m
Director Pablo Agüero
Starring Alex Brendemühl, Amaia Aberasturi, Daniel Fanego, Garazi Urkola
Genre Drama, History

A thriller set against the background of 1609-14 Inquisition trials of suspected witches which took place north and south of the France-Spain border and represented the single biggest drive by the Inquisition to eradicate witchcraft in the whole of its history. Amaia is a 20-year-old girl in 1609 in the Basque Country who attends her first festival in the night woods. At dawn, she is arrested. Questioned by Pierre de Lancre, maybe the Basque Country’s most famous interrogator, she finally enters the judge’s game, but, indomitable and cunning, gradually takes over the reins of an increasingly intimate duel…

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