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United Kingdom · 1951
1h 26m
Director Brian Desmond Hurst
Starring Alastair Sim, Mervyn Johns, Glyn Dearman, George Cole
Genre Fantasy, Drama

Ebeneezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) contentedly meanders through his life as a cruel miser until one fateful Christmas Eve when he is visited by three ghosts. The spirits show him how his behavior over the years has made him a lonely, bitter old man, and how his heart has grown colder. Using events from Scrooge's idealistic past, dreary present and dismal future, the apparitions try their best to melt his steely soul. Tightfisted Ebeneezer Scrooge learns the error of his ways through the intervention of the ghost of his former partner and of the three spirits and, just in time for the holidays, manages to make everyone's lives a little brighter, his included! (The Title has been changed to "A Christmas Carol")

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