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India Song

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France · 1975
Rated NC-17 · 2h 0m
Director Marguerite Duras
Starring Delphine Seyrig, Michael Lonsdale, Mathieu Carrière, Claude Mann
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance

India, 1937. Anne-Marie Stretter is the wife of the French ambassador and leads a solitary yet privileged life in Calcutta. The monotony of her existence is relieved by numerous illicit love affairs with government officials, young men who find her an object of desire and fascination. Yet life continues on for Anne-Marie, the same tedious existence…

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Mina Rhee Profile picture for Mina Rhee

Contemplative and restless at the same time - the voiceover set against the languidly moving figures on screen poetically captures the ennui of the white upper class living in colonized India. This muteness, along with the judgement of the voices offscreen, makes it apparent that something is rotten at the heart of this vision of lush opulence, something that saps the strength and leaves its subjects impotent.

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