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In the Blue Ground: A North of 60 Mystery



1h 30m

Director Alan Simmonds

Starring Tina Keeper, Tracey Cook, Robert Bockstael, Peter Kelly Gaudreault

Genre Drama, Crime

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Someone – or something – is stalking the woods of Lynx River, a small isolated town in the unforgiving wilderness. When a geologist on the verge of a major diamond find is murdered, Corporal Michelle Kenidi and her partner Constable James Harper suspect a hotheaded entrepreneur who’d been double-crossed by diamond hunters. But then the town nurse disappears under chilling circumstances and the two cops find themselves tracking a phantom. Through endless miles of rough terrain, their search leads to a startling discovery: the unknown stalker’s real target is Michelle. Now the madman is playing a deadly game with people as bait. And when the two finally meet, it’s a showdown that will leave only one of them standing.


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