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You Don't Choose Your Family(On ne choisit pas sa famille)

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France · 2011
1h 43m
Director Christian Clavier
Starring Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Muriel Robin, Héléna Noguerra
Genre Comedy, Adventure

César Borgnoli, an unsuccessful car salesman from Italy, lives well beyond his means. In order to get out of his financial disaster, he agrees to a deal: he pretends to be the husband of his sister's girlfriend Kim so she can legally adopt a little girl from Thailand. Caesar believes this to be a great idea and is looking forward to his trip to Thailand. After all, he is going to be able to mix business with pleasure--so he thinks. He didn't expect the local police, the Chinese Triads and the director of the orphanage to chip in, who want to make sure that little Mai is going to end up in a nice family.

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