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Too Handsome To Handle(Terlalu Tampan)

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Indonesia · 2019
1h 46m
Director Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie
Starring Ari Irham, Calvin Jeremy, Rachel Amanda, Nikita Willy
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Mas Kulin who is too handsome always avoids entering regular school and chooses to spend almost 100% of his life inside the house. He makes his father, Pak Archewe, his mother, Bu Suk, and his brother, Mas Okis, worry. They arrange a scenario that succeed in making Mas Kulin agree to spend the last year of his high school years at a special school for boys, Horridson High School. Mas Kulin's handsomeness is then exposed to the outside world so his days go unusual: female teachers faint and he becomes the target of BBM High School students. Including a girl that is too beautiful: Amanda. However, in the midst of all that, Mas Kulin find Kibo and Rere, which make him believe that there are still people who can see him as he is.

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