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Graves Without a Name(Les tombeaux sans noms)

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Cambodia, France · 2019
1h 55m
Director Rithy Panh
Starring Randal Douc
Genre Documentary

Rithy Panh, the creator of this documentary, creates a documentary recounting his attempts to find the unmarked graves of his parents, who were amongst many murdered by the Cambodian communist party, known as the Khmer Rouge, after they came to power in the 1970s. A moving and profound meditation on grief and the horrors of politically-motivated brutality.

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What are critics saying?


The Hollywood Reporter by Clarence Tsui

At once Panh's personal eulogy to the victims of this pogrom (around one-fifth of Cambodia's population perished during the Khmer Rouge's four-year reign of terror) and a subtly informative treatise about history and universal humanity, Graves Without A Name is at once emotionally overwhelming, visually ravishing and intellectually stimulating.


The New York Times by Glenn Kenny

The accretion of detail — narrative, visual and verbal — gives the movie an unusual density. The depiction of human cruelty is appalling, but the way “Graves” makes the viewer feel the necessity of its filmmaker’s calling is profoundly moving.


Variety by Guy Lodge

Sudden surges of emotion seem to guide its shuffling of symbols, techniques and points of view.

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