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The Dawn Wall

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Austria · 2018
1h 41m
Director Peter Mortimer
Starring Tommy Caldwell, John Branch, Kevin Jorgeson
Genre Documentary, Adventure

In the middle of Yosemite National Park towers El Capitan, an immense block of granite whose smoothest side, the Dawn Wall, is said to be the most daunting rock climb in the world. But legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell isn't deterred; to him, it's just another challenge. In this film, we follow him and Kevin Jorgeson in their historic ascent to the summit.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Film Threat by Alan Ng

While The Dawn Wall brings you up close to the miraculous feat of Caldwell and Jorgeson, the backstory (particularly of Caldwell) is just as amazing.


Film Journal International by Daniel Eagan

It's the camerawork by director of photography Brett Lowell and cinematographer Corey Rich (along with many other contributors) that impresses the most here. Close-ups show just how precise and physically challenging the climbers' moves are.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Filmmakers Lowell and Mortimer were there to document every excruciating inch, with stunning Yosemite scenery as their backdrop for almost every striking frame. The film they got out of it is, like the experience they were documenting, one of a kind.

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