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Sunday's Illness(La enfermedad del domingo)

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Spain · 2018
Rated PG-13 · 1h 53m
Director Ramón Salazar
Starring Bárbara Lennie, Susi Sánchez, Greta Fernández, Miguel Ángel Solá
Genre Drama

Annabel lives a rich, sequestered life with her wealthy husband. One day, at a reception in her villa, a new member of her catering staff demands her attention. This woman is none other than Chiara, Annabel's daughter whom she abandoned over thirty years ago. Chiara has one request: to spend ten days together.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


IndieWire by Eric Kohn

It’s a powerful look at the durability of parent-child bonds as well as a fascinating psychological thriller about what it takes to heal such a rift when it seems irreparable.


Variety by Jay Weissberg

With breathtaking elegance and stunning assurance, Ramón Salazar takes a melodramatic chestnut and makes it flower with unexpected emotion in Sunday’s Illness.


The Hollywood Reporter by Jonathan Holland

This story about the reunion, following a 35-year abandonment, of a mother and daughter, marvelously played by Spanish actors Susi Sanchez and Barbara Lennie, respectively, is slow but never ponderous, clear in its outlines but never simplistic, and elegantly crafted without being stifling.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

Salazar’s deliberateness of image and tone can sometimes feel like its own archly overemphasized meaning, but it’s never less than an artfully sincere companion to the drama of missing years and reconsidered choices that fortifies Sunday’s Illness.

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