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The Laws of Thermodynamics(Las leyes de la termodinámica)

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Spain · 2018
1h 40m
Director Mateo Gil
Starring Vito Sanz, Berta Vázquez, Chino Darín, Vicky Luengo
Genre Comedy, Romance

Science and romance collide when a physicist falls in love with a model. Manel's in deep with Elena, but his neurotic tendencies and fascination with the laws of thermodynamics get in the way of his courtship. He won't let his nerdiness stop him from getting the girl of his dreams, though.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Variety by Guy Lodge

The final result is a curiosity, sure, but a cute, quick-witted one, with much (maybe too much) on its mind.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

Though sleekly photogenic in its depiction of cosmopolitan Europeans in permanent romantic neurosis, The Laws of Thermodynamics is better in theory than fact.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Writer-director Mateo Sanz exhausts us with all these academics, shortchanging the development of on-screen relationships thanks to endless voice-over (and on-camera) analysis.

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