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France · 2017
Rated PG-13 · 1h 50m
Director Grand Corps Malade, Mehdi Idir
Starring Pablo Pauly, Soufiane Guerrab, Moussa Mansaly, Nailia Harzoune
Genre Drama, Comedy

After a serious sport accident in a swimming pool, Ben, now an incomplete quadriplegic, arrives in a rehabilitation center. He meets with other handicapped persons (tetraplegics, paraplegics, traumatized crania), all victims of accidents, as well as a handicapped since his early childhood. They go through impotence, despair and resignation, with their daily struggle to learn how to move a finger or to hold a fork. Some of them slowly find a little mobility while others receive the verdict of the handicap for life. Despite everything, hope and friendship help them endure their difficulties.

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