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Xuxa and the Mystery of the Little Ugly Princess(Xuxa em: O Mistério de Feiurinha)

Brazil · 2009
1h 19m
Director Tizuka Yamasaki
Starring Xuxa, Sasha Meneghel, Luciano Szafir, Samantha Schmütz
Genre Family

Based on the book O Fantástico Mistério de Feiurinha, the story combines real world and fantasy, dream and determination, with a surprising end, even for a fairy tale. The movie shows the fight of the fairy tale characters, now adults, who come together to recover the fable of the Little Ugly Princess, a beautiful Princess with a strange name, which only makes sense for those who know her story. The problem is that children and adults have forgotten the story of the Little Ugly Princess, which is as wonderful as other major fables for children. Cinderella brings together other fairy tale characters to meet the writer who keeps, lost in a small notebook, the Little Ugly Princess story.

We hate to say it, but we can't find anywhere to view this film.

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