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Story of a Love Affair(Cronaca di un amore)

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Italy · 1950
1h 38m
Director Michelangelo Antonioni
Starring Massimo Girotti, Lucía Bosé, Gino Rossi, Marika Rowsky
Genre Romance, Drama, Crime, Thriller

Paola (Lucia Bose) is the beautiful and jealously-guarded younger wife of a shady factory owner, Enrico Fontana (Massimo Girotti). In order to investigate her romantic history he hires a private detective, which ironically brings Paola back into contact with former lover Guido, with whom she resurrects a lost passion. Dogged by the suspicions of their respective mates, they are drawn closer to each other in the face of adversity, and begin to plot Enrico's demise. But when the challenge of being together falls away, will the passion start to wane? A masterpiece of intensity and finely-wrought emotion.

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