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Fight Back to School(逃學威龍)

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Hong Kong · 1991
1h 40m
Director Gordon Chan
Starring Stephen Chow, Sharla Cheung, Ng Man-tat, Gabriel Wong
Genre Action, Comedy

Star Chow (Stephen Chow) is about to be kicked out of the Royal Hong Kong Police's elite Special Duties Unit (SDU). But a senior officer decides to give him one last chance: Star must go undercover as a student at the Edinburgh High School in Hong Kong to recover the senior officer's missing revolver. The undercover operation is made complicated when Star is partnered with Tat - an aging, incompetent police detective (Ng Man-Tat). However, Star still manages to fall in love with Ms Ho (Cheung Man), the school's guidance counselor, as well as disrupting a gang involved in arms-dealing.

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