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Taipei Exchanges(第36個故事)

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Taiwan · 2010
1h 22m
Director Hsiao Ya-chuan
Starring Gwei Lun-mei, Zaizai Lin, Han Chang, Yuli Ma
Genre Drama

Doris (Guey Lun Mei) simply wanted to open a refined, stylish coffee shop in a bohemian Taipei neighborhood, but when she's stuck with a load of useless gifts from the opening celebration, her younger sister Josie (Lin Zaizai) turns the café into a burgeoning bartering business. There, even a soulful song (by Japanese singer Atari Kosuke in a cameo) is a tradable commodity. One day, a traveler (Ching Han) brings in 35 soaps from around the world with a story for each of them, awakening Doris' imagination about the outside world that she has never seen.

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