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Mercedes mon Amour

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Turkey, France, Germany · 1993
1h 30m
Director Tunç Okan
Starring İlyas Salman, Menderes Samancılar, Savaş Yurttaş, Valérie Lemoine
Genre Comedy, Action, Drama

The film is based on 'Fikrimin Ince Gulu', a novel by Adalet Agaoglu, which depicts a first generation gurbetci/guest-worker returning home. It covers his land journey in short bursts from Germany to the Turkey's west border - and extensively from thereon to his village close to Ankara - capital of Turkey. He begins his journey purchasing a second hand yellow Mercedes - possibly his first car - using his meager savings working as a laborer. Offering deep insight into the mind of a manual laborer Bayram (Ilyas Salman) making his first trip back home, resorting to flashbacks in highlighting Bayram's motivation and experiences from his childhood right up to the events leading to his first departure from Turkey to Germany.

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