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Carmín tropical

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Mexico · 2014
1h 20m
Director Rigoberto Pérezcano
Starring José Pescina, Luis Alberti, Juan Carlos Medellin, Marco Petriz
Genre Drama, Mystery

This mesmerizing mystery delves deep into the heart, mind, and soul of Mabel, a Mexican muxe (transwoman) who revives past demons when she comes face to face with the people, places and memories of a faraway life. After learning that her dear friend Daniela has suddenly died, Mabel travels back to her hometown of Juchitán, Oaxaca only to discover that everything is both the same and different at once. She soon finds herself immersed in a tale of crime and passion that reveals shocking moments of emotional turmoil and unadulterated truth. Part psychological thriller, part personal love story, Carmín Tropical is a layered exploration of gender and culture in a familiar world turned upside down.

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