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After three days spent with Jeanne, I decided that this might be the most horrifyingly beautiful movie I have ever seen. It's so nuanced, making me simultaneously want to bang my head against the wall just to have something else to do while watching and also spurring a deep desire in me to reach into the film and hug her.
I wish I didn't like this movie as much as I do! Curse Michel for being so enraging and so enticing at the same time!
The feminine urge to do whatever you want! What a joy it must be to be friends with these two wonderfully rebellious young women. "Daisies" is Czech New Wave at its finest.
I adore people who also grew up reading Rookie Mag ✿ Such a beautiful and warm looking and feeling movie. I think this might've been Katie Found's debut feature, in which case my heart is so happy and full for her. What an amazing film to be your first feature!