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So visually striking! The blending of 2d and 3d animation makes the action so much more dynamic and interesting to look at, and offers a lot to flesh out the complex worldbuilding.
A beautiful magical film not just about the adventures of a young witch but also her day to day life. It delivers gentle but powerful messages of self discovery, mental health, and self care.
A funny and chaotic reality show that’s so truly steeped in the 21st century. While there is drama, of course, there are plenty of heartfelt and comical moments that are especially grounding.
This film wasted no words, most of the emotionally significant moments being in stares, action, music, and (of course) art. While I’ve never been especially interested in period pieces, it was so refreshing to watch because of its focus on women and their relationships with one another.
This film felt a lot like a contemporary A Christmas Carol - except with so many more “ghosts” and a focus on a couple on the brink of divorce. While it may seem like a heavy topic, the film was much more comedic than anything else.
An adorable feel-good film with odd yet charming magical creatures. It also had very powerful messages about friendship and family.
This show is hilarious! It is so relatable yet absurd, with a main character who is too nice for her own good putting up with the most frustrating and embarrassing - until she sheds her cute exterior and takes her frustrations out through screamo.
A funny film about a quirky young couple and their eccentric friend who want to have a baby together. It’s able to stay lighthearted but still be emotional.
This is the first K-drama I’ve ever watched and so far I’m hooked! Such an interesting exploration of the supernatural fitting into the modern day.
This series is one of my absolute favorites! The storytelling is so intentional and well-executed, with expansively imaginative yet precise fantasy worldbuilding and all around fascinating and complex characters.
An adorable children’s film with loads of humor! The animation style also lends itself to giving it a comic strip feel, which was wonderfully refreshing.
This film uses multiple perspectives in a masterful way to let the audience piece together the narratives of these strange characters into one cohesive story.
This film has a strong focus on family, acceptance, and tolerance. While not completely told in the perspective of the woman the narrative is about, it is still a touching and important story that tackles the anxiety of holding on to an identity that may not be accepted by her family.
An engaging series that tackles important issues regarding sexism that not only existed in the 1920s but still pervade in some form today. Empowering not only because of the resilience of the women featured, but also because of its inspiring depiction of female friendship.
While exciting to watch because of the high intensity animation and abundance of action sequences, this series also grounds itself in more realistic and relatable themes like belonging, friendship, and forgiveness. The main character is a refreshing take on what a superhero can be - though it is his dream to be a hero, he also struggles with frequent anxiety.