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editorial intern at telescope!

So beautiful and absorbing; makes you feel like you're lost in another world even though everything is familiar. Really thoughtful portrayal of America through the eyes of a British director!
Somehow simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking, and terrifying. I didn't expect the ending scene to hit me as hard as it did.
So intensely and beautifully choreographed! You absolutely feel the release in the last scene.
One of the best uses of a Rihanna song in a film!
Such a beautiful reclamation of culture and re-imagining of how we tell our histories! Period pieces should take more inspiration from this.
A haunting exploration of female sexuality and relationships with incredible early 2000s fashion.
Terrifying and grotesquely absurd, but so masterfully done that I never once questioned it
Every time you think you know what will happen next, Park Chan-Wook proves you wrong and it's incredible. Also a rare example of a psychological lesbian thriller with a happy ending!
An essential quarantine watch, much funnier than I thought it would be and gripping from start to finish.
This is so meticulously crafted, every shot feels carefully thought out. A beautiful intertwining of art and memory!
Such a dreamy and tender love story, so much is conveyed in the eye contact!
Such an engrossing and accurate portrayal of adolescent female queerness, feels like the viewer is being let into a secret world.
Adding surreal and visceral elements to a classic coming of age story makes the emotions even more palpable.
Really interesting to watch this film before American Honey. Arnold provides an unflinching look at class divides, without trying to ascribe a moral narrative; each shot is treated with the same thoughtful and meticulous care.
Using the paranormal as an avenue to express the pain of repression is so masterfully done here. And the triumphant ending makes it essential queer coming-of-age viewing!
Walking out of the theater, my friend almost threw up because the film, and the complexities of the relationships were so depraved. But somehow we all understood it completely.
Perfect thing to come back to during quarantine. Such a cozy and beautiful watch!
Watching this feels like slipping underwater; it's lulling, memorizing, and funny, and then you reach the end and realize it's broken your heart just a bit.
Everything about this movie, the costumes, the settings, and the actors work together so seamlessly to create this emotional drama.
Truly a story told through facial expressions. A really exciting moment in film history showing the realized power of the human expressions and how they carry a narrative.
A devastatingly slow build up towards apocalypse. The viewer is forced to imagine their own reaction to these circumstances without distraction.
Watching this feels like you are being pulled straight into a ghost story, but the unrelenting dread is all worth it when you reach the exhilaration of the ending.
One of the few horror movies I've ever had to close my eyes for! But everything about this is a triumph and a feral, building nightmare.
Bright Star adds a level of tenderness and detail often absent from period pieces. Even if the romance does not initially draw you in, the visual storytelling will. I probably think about the scene with Fanny lying in her bedroom surrounded by live butterflies once a week.
So exuberant and joyful, you really feel Conor falling into his creative process. The music from this movie was the soundtrack to my junior year of high school.
For better or for worse, this film has an established place in the queer film canon. For many, it was the first exposure to a lesbian relationship portrayed on screen. But, moving forward, it is important that we as viewers grasp the distinction between representation and fetishization. The treatment the lead actresses endured on set, especially during sex scenes is entirely unacceptable and we must express that in what kind of art we choose to consume. Anyone curious about this should read about the staging of sex scenes in Park Chan-Wook's, The Handmaiden, and the care and respect the actresses were given.
I love the way fantasy is approached from a more artistic lens in this film, especially when the fairytale conflict combines with the political turmoil. Truly feels like entering a Surrealist dreamscape or a myth someone would put on a stained glassed window.
One of the most realistic and magical depictions of sisterhood I've seen in film. The tension between the adolescent awakening of the sisters and their family's forceful containment of it is impossible to look away from.
A tender love story, blanketed in horror. For lovers of horror, definitely a sort of comfort film in the quiet way it unfolds.
I've seen this more times than I can count but am consistently transfixed all the way through! The world building is absolutely incredible.
An incredibly important portrayal of the emotional abuse often present in female friendships. A disturbing but essential queer coming-of-age film.