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editorial intern at telescope!

Every time you think you know what will happen next, Park Chan-Wook proves you wrong and it's incredible. Also a rare example of a psychological lesbian thriller with a happy ending!
Bright Star adds a level of tenderness and detail often absent from period pieces. Even if the romance does not initially draw you in, the visual storytelling will. I probably think about the scene with Fanny lying in her bedroom surrounded by live butterflies once a week.
French movie from 2013: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Abdellatif Kechiche
2013 France, Belgium, Spain
For better or for worse, this film has an established place in the queer film canon. For many, it was the first exposure to a lesbian relationship portrayed on screen. But, moving forward, it is important that we as viewers grasp the distinction between representation and fetishization. The treatment the lead actresses endured on set, especially during sex scenes is entirely unacceptable and we must express that in what kind of art we choose to consume. Anyone curious about this should read about the staging of sex scenes in Park Chan-Wook's, The Handmaiden, and the care and respect the actresses were given.