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West of the Jordan River

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France, Israel · 2018
1h 28m
Director Amos Gitai
Starring Amos Gitai, Yitzhak Rabin
Genre Documentary

Israeli filmmaker Amos Gitai returns to the West Bank to better understand the efforts of the citizens, both Israelis and Palestinians, to try to overcome the consequences of the 50-year occupation. This film uses footage of interviews with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin from the 1990s in conjunction with contemporary interviews of everyday citizens.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Variety by

The 66-year-old helmer delivers not only a thought-provoking, moving and surprisingly optimistic documentary, but an intimate, handmade artifact.


The New York Times by Ben Kenigsberg

Through interviews with Israeli politicians, and Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank, West of the Jordan River gives voice to peace-seeking residents on both sides of the conflict.


Slant Magazine by Oleg Ivanov

Amos Gitai regularly takes incidents and anecdotes out of context, making it difficult for viewers who lack intimate knowledge of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to follow the proceedings.


Village Voice by Simon Abrams

The maddeningly unfocused Israeli documentary West of the Jordan River doesn’t reveal anything insightful about Gaza settlers’ reasons for either supporting or rejecting a two-state solution.


The Hollywood Reporter by Stephen Dalton

Clearly weighted towards Gitai's own liberal political stance, but incorporating a range of other views too, West of the Jordan River is a dry and sometimes depressing film, but informative and humane too.

50 by Vikram Murthi

West of the Jordan River works best when Gitai involves himself in the interviews. Gitai is a compelling screen presence—empathetic and patient, but also skeptical and necessarily forceful.

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