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His Secret Life(Le fate ignoranti)

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Italy, France · 2001
Rated R · 1h 46m
Director Ferzan Özpetek
Starring Margherita Buy, Stefano Accorsi, Serra Yılmaz, Gabriel Garko
Genre Drama, Romance

When Antonia's husband Massimo is killed in a car accident, she accidentally discovers that he has been having a same-sex affair with a produce wholesaler named Michele.

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Village Voice by

It's this memory-as-identity obviation that gives Secret Life its intermittent unease, reaffirming that long-held illusions are indeed reality, and that erasing them recasts the self. And it's this existential gerrymandering that's most compelling.


Variety by David Rooney

The well-structured film goes beyond issues of sexuality, giving nuanced consideration to broader questions of love and loss, family and friendship, trust, lies and deception.


Miami Herald by Marta Barber

Even the graceful ending, one that lifts the film a notch, is startling. But at the very least, His Secret Life will leave you thinking.


Boston Globe by Ty Burr

It's a soapy, simplistic, but surprisingly affecting ambisexual melodrama that plays a little like Pedro Almodovar without the surreal frills.

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