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Germany, Austria, France · 2022
1h 54m
Director Ulrich Seidl
Starring Michael Thomas, Tessa Göttlicher, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Inge Maux
Genre Drama

Two brothers return to their childhood home in Austria to bury their recently deceased mother. They share a drink and bury her before returning to their lives, one brother to Romania and the other to Rimini. Whether starting a new chapter or returning to old dreams, the past will catch up with both of them.

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Variety by Jessica Kiang

This is not, in the end, a tale of hubris brought low, or even of a tacky life staring down a long lens at a tawdry, dwindling death. Instead it’s a chilling parable about the sins of the father becoming the punishments of the son, and about the moral arc of the universe bending, across generations, toward the coldest justice imaginable.


Screen Daily by Jonathan Romney

Michael Thomas’ imposing performance will be the hook for a film that, while executed with Seidl’s typical steely control, might strike his followers as being a touch too familiar – while non-adepts will find its darker dimensions altogether too bleak for comfort.


The Hollywood Reporter by Leslie Felperin

This stands as one of Austrian director Ulrich Seidl’s better but not quite best features in a pretty consistent career, not as scurrilously seedy as him at his worst, or as merciless, but not as ambitious or startlingly insightful as his best.


Slant Magazine by Pat Brown

The film fleshes out the perhaps familiar characterizations at its center by tying contemporary wounds to the persistent presence of Europe’s ugly history.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

Perhaps this one doesn’t take Seidl’s creative career much further down the road to (or away from) perdition, but it is managed with unflinching conviction, a tremendous compositional sense and an amazing flair for discovering extraordinary locations.


The Film Stage by Rory O'Connor

Thomas’ Bravo, recalling both Mikey Saber and Mickey Rourke, has a protruding gut, slicked-back hair, an alcohol problem, and some deep-rooted mommy issues. The film is all his.

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