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Elite Squad(Tropa de Elite)

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Brazil, United States, Argentina · 2007
Rated R · 1h 55m
Director José Padilha
Starring Wagner Moura, Caio Junqueira, André Ramiro, Milhem Cortaz
Genre Drama, Action, Crime

In 1997, before the visit of the pope to Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento from BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) is assigned to eliminate the risks of the drug dealers in a dangerous slum nearby where the pope intends to be lodged.

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What are critics saying?


Christian Science Monitor by

Pokes and prods the viewer to watch the brutal, indiscriminate methods of Rio's SWAT-like cops and then demands only one conclusion: That cops in Rio's drug-infested slums must do what they do and if that means rampant point-blank executions, so be it.


New York Magazine (Vulture) by David Edelstein

The captain narrates in a punchy, journalistic style that gives Elite Squad an air of sociological realism--it bears a resemblance to viscerally exciting seventies urban thrillers like "The French Connection."

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