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My Golden Days(Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse)

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France · 2015
Rated R · 2h 3m
Director Arnaud Desplechin
Starring Mathieu Amalric, Lou Roy-Lecollinet, Quentin Dolmaire, Léonard Matton
Genre Drama

As Paul prepares to leave for Tajikistan, he reminisces on his formative years. Structured in flashbacks, we see Paul's family situation, his taste for rebellion, and his once love, Esther. These fragments of Paul's life combine to tell Paul's story--a story of of trauma, adventure, and romance.

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What are critics saying?


The Film Stage by

A coming-of-age film with a broader perspecttive is always welcome, and it paradoxically makes this as evocative and convincing a portrait of youth as the best work of François Truffaut.


The Hollywood Reporter by Boyd van Hoeij

My Golden Days more often privileges emotional truths over historical veracity. This helps not only to make the past dilemmas of the protagonists feel more immediate and real, but also suggests how, looking back, we see our lives as a succession of emotional experiences, not dry historical facts.


Village Voice by Danny King

There is serious pain in this movie — pain that endures throughout the years — but also a sincere love for life lived, and life remembered.


Variety by Justin Chang

Desplechin perfectly times the moment when drollery ends and anguish begins, and it’s that sense of vulnerability that lends the film an unexpected emotional force as it moves toward its return-home epilogue.


New York Post by Lou Lumenick

Desplechin draws uniformly superb performances from his young cast, making the coming-of-age genre seem fresh and vital.


The Playlist by Oliver Lyttelton

The film doesn't reinvent the wheel: it is, ultimately, a middle-class-white-boy coming-of-age tale of the kind that the cinema of France, and elsewhere, has never been lacking. But it's written, shot, cut and performed with such palpable joy, intelligence and warmth that it ends up feeling entirely fresh.

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