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In the House(Dans la maison)

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France · 2012
Rated R · 1h 45m
Director François Ozon
Starring Fabrice Luchini, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ernst Umhauer, Emmanuelle Seigner
Genre Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

When a precocious sixteen-year-old boy insinuates himself into the house of a fellow student, he begins to writes essays about his classmate's family for his French teacher. Drawn in by this unusual pupil and his unusual stories, the teacher must figure out how far is "too far" as the situation quickly crosses into dangerous territory.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Slant Magazine by

It's buoyant and titillates, striking that distinctly Ozonian balance between the beautiful and the sinister, but it doesn't resonate.


New York Daily News by Elizabeth Weitzman

Neither Claude nor Ozon comes up with a satisfying finish to this intriguing setup. But because they’re both so committed to seducing their audience, it’s a lot of fun watching them try.


Time Out by Eric Hynes

Characters seem less entrapped by their desires than by plot necessities — a fact that’s not redeemed by Ozon’s winking self-awareness.

78 by Jordan Hoffman

In the House is crafty and juicy and ought to delight anyone whose ever thumped their chest about being a storyteller. I must confess, however, that somewhere in the third act the air started to leak from the balloon.


The A.V. Club by Noel Murray

All the way up to the stunning final shot, Ozon urgently asks whether, for storytellers, it’s better to be on the outside looking in, or the inside looking out.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

A black-comic psychological drama with poise and self-possession. Featuring Fabrice Luchini and Kristin Scott Thomas, how could it have anything else?


Observer by Rex Reed

There are humorous intrusions (e.g., an art show at Jeanne’s gallery that includes Nazi symbols constructed from penises), and great performances throughout.


Village Voice by Zachary Wigon

In the House is a mystery, but it investigates a far tougher riddle than what makes Claude tick—it's trying to figure out why, exactly, voyeurism and mystery delight us so. In the process, it delights us.

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