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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!(¡Átame!)

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Spain · 1990
Rated NC-17 · 1h 42m
Director Pedro Almodóvar
Starring Victoria Abril, Antonio Banderas, Loles León, María Barranco
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance

Just released from residential psychiatry, where he became a handyman, gentle orphan Ricky pursues his sole pathological obsession. Penniless, hence without a chance to court Marina, a porn actress, he kidnaps her in the hopes of convincing her to marry him. She is a bit reluctant, so he ties her up. Will this approach endear him to her?

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Chicago Tribune by

It's a movie that's too naive to be pornography and too callous to be art. [25 May 1990]


Empire by Damon Wise

Almodovar consolidated his status as a challenging and bold filmmaker by forcing Americans to drop their zany preconceptions of him and see his world through his eyes.


Los Angeles Times by Peter Rainer

There's a hushed, rapturous quality to its best parts, though, and the emotional interplay between Ricky and Marina has a scary immediacy that the movies rarely achieve. Almodovar dares a lot in this film. [4 May 1990]


The New York Times by Vincent Canby

Mr. Almodovar's comic invention runs out too soon, leaving the audience to giggle weakly in anticipation of the big laughs and disorienting shocks that never arrive.

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