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Burnt Money(Plata quemada)

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Argentina, Spain, Uruguay · 2000
Rated R · 2h 5m
Director Marcelo Piñeyro
Starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eduardo Noriega, Pablo Echarri, Leticia Brédice
Genre Crime, Romance

Set in Argentina in 1965, two gay lovers ultimately become ruthless bank robbers in a notoriously famous footnote in the annals of crime history. After a large-scale hold-up that turns bloody, the two men must flee. But, it’s not long before the police surround the building they are in, and they must confront their demons to survive.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by Jessica Winter

Burnt Money arranges a triumphant martyrdom for its bad boys -- a redemptive blaze of glory, dozens of faceless corpses notwithstanding.


Austin Chronicle by Marc Savlov

Well worth seeing if you have even the slightest interest in guns and sex and the interplay between the two (and who doesn't?), Burnt Money also has, you'll forgive the pun, style to burn.


Seattle Post-Intelligencer by Paula Nechak

Director Marcelo Pineyro imbues the film with mood and style and yet the violent climax holds little thrall as a lack of character development makes it had to care about the robbers' fate.

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