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I Came By

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United Kingdom · 2022
1h 50m
Director Babak Anvari
Starring George MacKay, Percelle Ascott, Kelly Macdonald, Hugh Bonneville
Genre Crime, Thriller

Toby is a young graffiti artist who executes his work in private homes of the wealthy and powerful rather than in public for everyone to see. His tendency to break into these wealthy homes finds Toby discovering a shocking secret that leads him on a journey that puts him and those around him in danger.

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What are critics saying?


The Independent by Clarisse Loughrey

The film’s distractingly scattered in its attempt to capture the full breadth and width of its social commentary. In fact, it’s so stuffed with tangentially related ideas that even its timeline feels confusing and difficult to follow, signalled only by the erratic changes in McKay’s hair colour.


Little White Lies by David Jenkins

It’s in the writing where this one shines. Less in the moment-by-moment dialogue between characters, which is functional to a tee, and more in the way in which the clever plot is constructed and vital details are gradually teased out.


Wall Street Journal by John Anderson

Mr. Bonneville, having a well of viewer good will on which to draw, makes a perversely convincing villain, the extent of whose offenses are progressively appalling.


IGN by Matt Fowler

I Came By elevates a pulpy serial killer premise with fun casting and surprising story beats.


The Telegraph by Tim Robey

Director/co-writer Babak Anvari made a startling debut with Under the Shadow (2015), but like his follow-up, Wounds (2019), this is a shakier pot-boiler – diverting, provocative in spots, a little head-scratchy in plot terms. The secret weapon is Ascott, an actor you itch to see cast in more films

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