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Deep Sea 3D

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Canada, United States · 2006
Rated G · 41m
Director Howard Hall
Starring Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp
Genre Documentary

See sea life in a whole new way. Deep Sea 3D, an underwater adventure from the filmmakers behind the film Into the Deep, transports audiences deep below the ocean surface. Through the magic of new cinematographic technology, moviegoers will swim with some of the planets most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures to understand this inspiring ocean world.

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Tribune by

It's all about the pictures. Those images create a vision of nature that even a strip miner would want to conserve.


Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones

The immersive quality of 3-D is particularly well suited to undersea documentaries, and this one, directed by Howard Hall ("Into the Deep"), offers a close-up look at such fantastic creatures as the fried egg jellyfish, the mantis shrimp, the sand tiger shark, and the thuggish wolf eel.


Wall Street Journal by Joe Morgenstern

I have minor misgivings about the use of a few Disney-esque sound effects, as well as some conventionally garish voicings in the score by Danny Elfman, Hollywood's current master of the macabre. But none of that diminishes the educational value of Deep Sea 3-D, which was directed by Howard Hall, or the sometimes ethereal, sometimes fearsome beauty of its cast of trillions.


TV Guide Magazine by Ken Fox

Forget haunted houses and the mountains of the moon: There's no better environment to show off the wonder of the immersive IMAX 3-D experience than the deep blue sea.


Los Angeles Times by Kevin Crust

It would be a mistake to think that if you've seen one fish up close and personal you've seen them all. Deep Sea 3D is a total-immersion undersea adventure, in which the oceans' glories are on vivid display in three dimensions.


New York Post by Lou Lumenick

A lively score by Danny Elfman and some of the most dramatic sound-effects work since the Three Stooges only add to the appeal of Deep Sea 3-D.


Variety by Robert Koehler

Imax 3-D process has lost its original novelty, and little is done in Deep Sea to find new and exciting ways of using the medium.


The Hollywood Reporter by Sheri Linden

Deep Sea 3D, along with the recent Imax films "Coral Reef Adventure" and "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea," is a glorious example of educational entertainment at its best.


Boston Globe by Ty Burr

Travels around the world via the oceans' floors to show us symbiosis at work in a variety of ecosystems.

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